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Honduras Human Capital as a Key Competitive Advantage

During the past years, Honduras Human Capital has become more competent regarding English as a second language proficiency, formal education, and international certifications. Counting with the right people in the right positions is key to ensure successful operations in any type of business. Honduras can provide the right people to fulfill several vacancies in a wide number of organizations.

Honduras has grown the number of universities, training industries, and technical institutes. Currently, Honduras has 20 universities operating throughout all its territory. The educational offer includes the following degrees business administration, engineering careers (industrial, mechanical, mechatronic, electrical) social sciences degrees, health-related degrees, law, graphic design, marketing specialist, and more. Also, technical institutes focus on courses that include subjects such as electricity, maintenance, mechanics, welding, and others.

English proficiency has risen too. Currently, Honduras has an approximate of 449 bilingual schools that focus on developing fluent English speakers. Being competent in a second language opens a broad road of opportunities for Hondurans to relate with other professionals around the world. In the information and knowledge society, a person’s ability to learn and stay updated represents a competitive advantage. We believe Hondurans are eager to learn new things every day, which makes them a competitive human capital in today’s world.