Corporate Social Responsibility

Green Valley Industrial Park is a company that considers CSR an integral value of its mission.

We are committed to help strengthen and develop the communities that surround Green Valley Industrial Park by implementing education, health, environmental sustainability, and infrastructure development initiatives.

We have standing medical brigade programs covering general medicine as well as various specialties, including odontology, gynecology, and urology, in the communities of St. Helena, San Jose de la Sierra, Montegrande and Montelimar. Know more...

We also have monthly support programs for the schools in these communities. These programs help raise the funds needed for teacher salaries and to improve and maintain school infrastructure. This increases the capacity of the schools to serve more students and to continue improving the quality of education.

We encourage our clients, suppliers and partners to actively participate in these programs, whether financially or in-kind. For example, a construction company can donate building materials for schools, or companies can sponsor students’ education directly by participating in our sponsorship initiative. Know more...

Green Valley is certified under the ISO-14001 Environmental Management System. We help promote environmental education and awareness to ensure environmentally friendly operations within and around the park.

Some of our projects include reforestation programs that use a variety of native plants and trees sourced from a nursery. Know more...


Medical Brigades

Nutrition and Health Campaigns

Here at Green Valley, we have a volunteer group formed by our client and partner personnel. This group runs periodic nutrition campaigns that educate mothers about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet for their children and highlight the critical role that nutrition plays in their physical and mental development.

Dental Brigades

Groups of volunteer doctors and dentists visit our neighboring communities to perform preventive care and various dental treatments for children as well as adults


Santa Helena School Initiative

The objective of this initiative is to improve the quality of education as well as the physical infrastructure of the schools. For example, our current goal is build six new elementary classrooms and provide new desks and repair existing ones. In addition to regular class times, the new classrooms will be used for vocational training courses for adults on the weekends and for medical brigades.

Our client companies and their employees are invited to participate in the Santa Helena School Initiative, particularly in the programs related to education, such as "Give a Desk" or the "Sponsor a Student" campaigns.

San José de la Sierra School Initiative

The goal of this initiative is to support and improve the education of the children of San José de la Sierra as well as the physical infrastructure of their school. We want the school in this community to be used as a model school and the children to be able to take computer programming classes.

Through this initiative, we have donated school desks, air conditioners for the computer room, and sheets for the roofs of the new classrooms currently under construction.

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Renewable Energy Projects

Currently in development is a project to plant 2,500 hectares of Giant King Grass for use as biomass to generate energy and steam for industrial production.

Wastewater Treatment

Green Valley promotes the responsible stewardship of natural resources such as water used in industrial production. Currently, our treatment plant has a capacity of over 12,000 m3 per day. The plant was designed to reduce pollution and complies with all approval standards of the Government of Honduras.

Environmental Strategy

Our environmental strategy centers on two core programs which we monitor onsite:

  • Control of greenhouse gas emissions via inspections of equipment and machinery used in insdustrial poduction.

  • Control and monitoring of water consumption in industrial production machinery used in industrial production, processes and operation.

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