Why Honduras?

There are many reasons Honduras is an exceptional location for investors, and they all have to do with the vast scope of resources and services we have to offer:

Under the National Investment Promotion Program, Honduras has implemented a new legal and institutional framework to attract and protect foreign and domestic investments. Government agencies have strengthened the enforcement of laws and regulations, increasing the rate of compliance, and improved the processes and requirements that protect domestic as well as foreign investments.
Legal Framework
Thanks to our participation in DR-CAFTA, Honduras is a Free Trade Zone. This offers significant advantages to international investors, not the least of which is the tax exemption.
Free Trade
Located in the very heart of the Americas, Honduras borders the Caribbean Sea as well as the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Our strategic location gives us direct access to multiple global markets and allows us to be a critical air and maritime transportation nexus for international business.
Honduras offers a strategic opportunity for investment and serves as a distribution platform for Central America and the U.S.
Geographic Location
Port: Puerto Cortés is the only deepwater port in Central America, and the only port in Latin America that qualifies for both U.S. government port security initiatives: the CSI and Megaports initiative. As one of the region’s largest and best equipped sea ports, Puerto Cortés offers competitive shipping costs to the U.S.
Highways: Thanks to a public-private partnership, our road infrastructure is scheduled to be upgraded by 2016 with a 106-km, four-lane highway connecting San Pedro Sula to Naco, Cortes.
Power: The national initiative to secure renewable power sources includes the El Tablon project, a multipurpose 18 MW hydropower plant with a reservoir of 467 million cubic meters. The project is already attracting interest from local and foreign companies, including firms from Colombia and Israel.
With the support of companies such as Green Valley Industrial Park, the Honduran government has implemented specialized programs designed to train a potent bilingual workforce skilled in industries such as medical device and automotive component manufacturing, light assembly, food and agribusiness, and textiles and apparel.
As a result, our people have proven to be more productive than those of neighboring countries, including the U.S.: for example, inautomotive component manufacturing, we can claim 40% higher productivity compared to North America). This gives Honduras a key competitive advantage thatany international company performing due diligence for an overseas manufacturing base should consider.
Top Notch
Bilingual Workforce

Honduras is a place where forward-looking
international companies not only do well, they thrive.

Honduras has the following key advantages:

Corporate Tax

Labor Cost/Hr

Why Green Valley?

In addition to all of the benefits and value that Honduras offers potential investors, Green Valley Industrial Park provides mission-critical services that top international businesses look for when scouting for locations to set up their manufacturing operations:

World-class Infrastructure and TelecommunicationsReliable Support
Sustainability and Environmental ManagementCommitment with the Local Community

Green Valley Industrial Park is strategically located in the industrial corridor of Naco Valley in Santa Barbara, Honduras, just 25 minutes away by car from San Pedro Sula, the industrial capital and economic engine of Honduras; 60 minutes away from Puerto Cortes, the largest and most important port in Central America; and 2.5 hours away by plane from major U.S. airports.

We offer world-class infrastructure and custom-made buildings that comply with or exceed international requirements and specifications. High-speed fiber optic telecommunications networks run throughout the park.

We provide our clients with 24-hour support:

• Personalized support for relocation, accommodations, transportation, as well as lifestyle adjustments for senior management.

• Our online support service guarantees immediate response and is designed for maximum client satisfaction.

Green Valley has been proudly certified under ISO 14001, the world’s gold standard for environmental management, since 2010. We continue to upgrade and improve our environmental management systems and policies in order to stay abreast of the evolving requirements of this certification. This includes reductions in water use and emissions, and optimization of steam generation.

Green Valley promotes an atmosphere of environmental sustainability and works with client companies as they seek to optimize and improve their manufacturing operations vis-à-vis environmental management and conservation.

Green Valley manage initiatives in health, education, and the environment. In the area of health, we sponsor Medical Brigades, a group of doctors who volunteer their time to treat children and adults in local communities such as Santa Elena, Montelimar and San Jose de la Sierra.

In the area of education, we help fund school infrastructure and teacher salaries for the communities adjacent to Green Valley. In the area of environment, we run reforestation campaigns, we teach kids about the environment in general, and get them involved in recycling. Some of these initiatives are operated in collaboration with client companies.

Our Clients include:

...and many others who have made Green Valley Industrial Park their base of operations.

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