Sustainable Workforce: Key to Successful Operations

  Honduras has become a leading option for Manufacturing and Service industries due to its ample, sustainable, trainable and talented labor pool.


The country counts with a total of 19 private and public universities, and more than 20 technical training centers. An approximate of 10,000 high school graduates will be entering the labor world seeking for a first job opportunity; a significant amount of them hopefully will start their professional career at Green Valley Industrial Park.

These new professionals will be available to fulfill growth needs of current and future industries that decide to establish operations in the park. Strategic alliances between Green Valley Industrial Park, INFOP (Professional Training National Institute), Maquila Association, and spearhead technical training institutions have been strengthened, so any manufacturing or services operation can access the most qualified and productive workforce in the region.

Currently, INFOP, Honduras major training institute, provides learning tools to ensure a skilled labor pool available for any type of industry. It is constantly providing several programs oriented to increase productivity, efficiency, and quality in manufacturing and services industries.

A Talented and skilled labor pool is available in the surrounding communities in a radius of 10 km from the park and its due to the presence of two harnesses manufacturers and five textile mills, four of them located inside Green Valley and one nearby. Job opportunities available at Green Valley include automotive, light assembly, textiles, embellishment and labels industries.

Located 23 kilometers away from San Pedro Sula, industrial capital of Honduras, Green Valley Industrial Park has access to ample workforce at its disposition to offer to clients and investors to sustain manufacturing operations. A significant number of professionals are available with a wide range of educational levels suitable for diverse positions in any industry.

Green Valley offers our clients and investors tailored made training programs, focused on our customer’s specifications as well as prescreening and recruiting. A complete database of potential candidates for every position required for their operations is part of its solid service structure. As a result, there is a low turnover of employees in all our clients and all over the park.

The country´s accessibility and undeniable talented workforce make Honduras and Green Valley Industrial Park a great option for investment for all countries around the world seeking to expand its operations.