Prime Location

Green Valley is strategically located in the industrial corridor of the Naco Valley in Santa Barbara, Honduras, just 25 minutes away from the port and 2.5 hours away by plane from major U.S airports.

Infrastructure that Promotes Productivity

The infrastructure of Green Valley is one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive in the Central American region as far as logistics, energy, telecommunications, water treatment, and other factors critical to manufacturing are concerned.

Human Resources / Human Capital Training

Our workforce has proven to be more productive than that of neighboring countries, including the U.S.: for example, in automotive component manufacturing we can claim 40% higher productivity compared to North America.

This gives Honduras a key competitive advantage that any international company looking for an overseas manufacturing base should consider.

Self-Sustaining Model

Green Valley Industrial Park promotes a service-oriented culture that permeates all aspects of client support, rendering the park a model of self-sufficiency. We are our clients’ top partner and ally in establishing and running their overseas manufacturing operations.

Custom Designed Operations

Our specialized team of engineers and architects custom design the facilities and operational spaces each client requires. The breadth of our expertise ranges from land acquisition to construction of infrastructure designed for specific industrial projects. Our turnkey solutions include the installation of production machinery, compressed air, steam systems, air conditioning, electrical distribution and power substations,
electromechanical installations, project commissioning, and more.


Free Trade Zone Status

All companies here in Green Valley operate under Free Trade Zone regulations.

The tax exemptions enabled by this regulation are a significant factor for our clients’ operations.


Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, combined with our Environmental Management System, helps to protect the environment and comply with the various certifications required by international manufacturing standards Green Valley has been ISO-14001 certified since 2010.