Strategic Location

Located in the very heart of the Americas, Honduras borders the Caribbean Sea as well as the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Our strategic locationgives us direct access to multiple global markets and allows us to be a critical air and maritime transportation nexus for international business.

Free Trade Zone

All companies here in Green Valley operate under Free Trade Zone regulations. The tax exemptions enabled by this regulation are a significant factor for our clients’ operations.

Qualified Workforce

For prospective investors seeking to establish a manufacturing base in Honduras, three factors related to human resources play a key role in their decision: productivity, availability, and competitiveness.




Make the Difference

Compelling Economics

The global economy and the increasing importance of technology are fundamentally altering the ways in which overseas manufacturing sites are selected.

What does Honduras have to offer international companies when it comes to its competition?

The typical first step for site selectors is to gather location quotient (LQ) data, which identifies the relative regional concentration of the industries that best represent the client’s areas of business. This information provides context beyond raw job numbers for employers looking to relocate or expand in the region.

If certain countries or regions present higher concentrations of a specific industry, the site selectors may create a separate “sub-region” to highlight that industry, the workforce available, and supply chains within that sub-region.

Some of the most important factors that employers consider include:

Culture and Tourism

Located in Central America and surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery, rich biodiversity, and natural resources of both local and international economic importance, Honduras offers a high quality of life.

A veritable tropical paradise, Honduras attracts thousands tourists every year to its beautiful islands, lush rainforests and picturesque mountains. With close access to the world’s second largest barrier reef, Honduras provides some of the best diving and snorkeling opportunities in the Caribbean. Ancient Mayan ruins, colonial villages and festive celebrations add to the rich and ample menu of sights to see. From whitewater rafting to hiking to exotic wildlife viewing excursions, there is no end to the fun and adventure here.

Top tourists attractions include:

The industrial capital of Honduras, San Pedro Sula, offers plenty of amenities, including:

Residential areas
Modern hospitals
Golf and tennis clubs
Movie theaters