Operation Services

Green Valley provides reliable, efficient services in areas critical to manufacturing.

Energy and steam congeneration

As a self-sufficient, sustainable park, Green Valley is committed to maximing energy efficiency. The park has an installed power capacity of 20 MW, which is used to cogenerate energy and steam and capture and utilize energy wasted in the process of generating electricity. This enables us to keep our costs among the most competitive in Central America.

We are continually updating our power generation facilities, not only to satisfy both current and future demand, but also to maintain the security of the backup systems that ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of energy provision.

The production of electric energy, thermal energy in the form of steam, hot or cold water, and hot air, which are used in many industrial processes, presents a significant advantage to our clients.

We also provide an automatic connection to our onsite power grid in cases of


Untreated Water

We provide 15,000 cubic meters of untreated water per day from local water sources. This supply is further enhanced by a network of wells that can extract additional water appropriate for our clients’ industrial operations.


Wastewater Treatment

Our industrial water treatment plant is designed to reduce contamination through aerobic and anaerobic processes, effluent screening, clarification, filtration and ozonation. The plant can handle wastewater from a wide range of industrial uses and complies with standards set by the Government of Honduras.

Treatment capacity: over 12,000 m3 per day

Customer Services

We are committed to excellence in our customer service. We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations and enhance their daily experience here at Green Valley with the highest standards of quality, courtesy and professionalism, as well as safety and accessibility. As a strategic partner, we strive to be a critical factor in our clients’ success.


Cell phone service is available throughout the park, providing client companies with uninterrupted connectivity.


Our online client support system ensures immediate response and automatically directs requests to the appropriate departments or offices within the park.

Internet and

Green Valley provides a world-class redundant telecommunications network, connected to the Americas NAP via four submarine fiberoptic cables: ARCOS, MAYA, Emergia, and Global Crossing.