For prospective investors seeking to establish a manufacturing base in Honduras, three factors related to human resources play a key role in their decision:




Avaliable workforce

Each year, Honduran universities graduate students in a variety of disciplines. Given a constant population growth and an even steeper growth in graduation rates, the overall number of young professionals will continue to increase. On the other hand, the unofficial unemployment rate in Honduras hovers around 38%, due to the fact that many of these young graduates are not finding enough work within their field.

Competitive Labor Costs

Honduras may very well be the best place to find a workforce that has both bilingual and manufacturing skills in the entire Central American region, especially in terms of availability and quality of work. Honduras also has one of the lowest labor costs in the region.

Macroeconomic indicators are favorable for Honduran workers. With the service andmanufacturing sectors representing over 50% of the economic output of Honduras, the Honduran people are clearly oriented toward a manufacturing and service economy.

The Honduran workforce has a solidly established reputation as dedicated, adaptable, hardworking and productive.

The Honduran people are also avid users of technology. Mobile and Internet penetration is greater per inhabitant in Honduras than in other Central American countries.

In addition, because Honduras has the highest number of bilingual schools in Central America (over 700 schools), it has a proportionately large population of truly bilingual workers. This makes our nation particularly attractive to global markets.

Human Resources

Compellings Economics

Honduras is an appealing environment for industry and a source of qualified, efficient and productive labor especially for those investors looking to relocate their operations overseas.

We are proving yet again that we have the talent, the education, and the innovation power to produce among the best products and services in the world.

Legal and Administrative Services



Verification of property records

1 day

$23.77 (300 HNL for the full certificate + $9.51 for the certificate of encumbrance)

Verification of municipal tax payments

2 days


Deeds registry (preliminary)

2 days

3-5% of transaction (notary fees)

Bank fees and tax payments

1 day

1.5% of property cost (transfer tax)

Notarization of copy of final testimony

1 day


Registration of goods and furniture in the property registry

14 days

$9.51 for the first 1,000 HNL ($47.55) of the property value and $0.07 for each additional 1,000 HNL of the property value, plus $9.51 for the subscription

Registration of change of ownership in the cadastral office

2 days


Financial Incentives