Strategic Location

Located in the very heart of the Americas, Honduras borders the Caribbean Sea as well as the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Our strategic location gives us direct access to multiple global markets and allows us to be a critical air and maritime transportation nexus for international business.

Honduras enjoys a rapidly developing economy and a strong tourism industry. We are just:

from the U.S. via Puerto Cortés

from the U.S.


Ports and Airports

Honduras has sea ports on both the Pacific and the Atlantic coast. Our number one port is Puerto Cortés, certified by US Homeland Security as a megaport under the U.S. Container Security Initiative.

Honduras has four international airports:

Honduras connects with the main U.S. airports
via numerous international airlines, such as:

Roads and Highways

Thanks to a public-private partnership, our road infrastructure is scheduled to be upgraded by 2016
with a 106-km, four-lane highway connecting San Pedro Sula to Naco, Cortes.


Honduras has a robust and efficient telecommunications networks.

We are connected to the Internet in the United States with 99.95% network redundancy via four submarine fiberoptic cables: ARCOS, MAYA, Emergia, and Global Crossing.